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Seems like forever since we said Hello
I have been going through so much
I was afraid to let you in
Afraid to open up
In such a wide open space
Afraid no one would hear me
or Worse they would and wouldn’t care

I have got stronger in this time apart
Ready to say what’s in my heart
Ready to spread the wings and fly
Hoping your near
Waving Hi

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Why do I present answers when the question hasn’t even been finished being asked?

Why do we presume to know what he said, she said

When we never heard it from them

Outside there is rain falling

Inside I am surrendering

Or at least trying to do my best

To believe that your thoughts

Are forming into your heart

To remember the love

The patience

The peace exuded in our holding of hands

I breath, the doubt out

Only hoping that I will breath in your yes

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So many messages we are given, but do we listen to the most important one…that small little voice within our head. These are my thoughts about it put in poetry form.


    Girl goes to a dance alone,
    She is thought of as a loser,
    Women sings lyrics about her anger
    Of a cheating lover,
    She is labeled a bitch.
    Woman over 40,
    Posts an ad ,
    For true love only,
    Told no man will want her,
    Her eggs are all dried up.
    Tales told,
    are old,
    Time to let them go.
    Hear the words of those,
    Who have been there.
    It is okay to yell,
    It is okay to dare,
    to love,
    To love another,
    Dream of a being a mother.
    Stand on a dance floor,
    Shake your groove,
    Make a move,
    To Dare to be bold.
    This story is yours,
    Make it the one,
    You want to be told.
    Let go ,
    Of the book,
    That they have given,
    The media,
    The Voices,
    The Ones who make the choices,
    To bring you down,
    To the level they live in.
    It is your time to believe in,
    Stories they never told.

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Sunset Blvd

I wrote this some time ago, but after talking with someone yesterday about the homelessness in Los Angeles, I thought it would be a good one to post. I hope somehow, some way this country can help the homeless people out there.


BMW pulls up to the corner
Helps him out of the car.

Homeless Women.
Afraid to approach.

So many people,
In one small area.

She walks to the corner.
Where the man just stepped out of his BMW
“Can You spare some Change?”
He scoffs,
“Get a job”

She walks away,
Turns the corner,

The Man enters the club,
Brushing her off,
Spends 60.00 on some drinks.

Midnight hour,
He thinks I am moving on.
This place is slow tonight,
Walks out the door.

Sirens blazing,
Woman lying on the ground,
Groups of people gather,
He glances,
Then turns away,
His heart beating faster.

Pushing harder,
They try to revive her.
She was only 25,
Only needed one bite.

He hops in the car,
Tries to shrug it off.

Lies his head on his pillow,
Could he have saved her?
Now he will never know.

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She sat at her desk.
Came in,
Did her job,
No one noticed that she didn’t say a word.
Left and went home.
Microwaved a meal,
Watched the latest reality show,
Cried herself to sleep.
Stains from the tears on her pillow.

All around her,
Creeps in,
She is glad it hasn’t hit her slumber,
Not yet.
Wakes up.
Ache in her chest,
No not a heartatache,
Lies in her bed asking it to leave.
The silence,
The wanting,
The realizing she is alone again.

Drives herself to work,
Does it all over again.
Comes home,
Hears the words of the song:
Do I have to go to sleep with Roses in my Hand?
Misses him,
He was gone even when he wasn’t
Wishes she had more friends
She could lean on.
He was one once,
Wonders where he was.
His words,
About her having thorns,
Her prickly heart,
Lies her head on the pillow,
Petals of her heart were once soft and warm,
Slowly they are falling from her.
The ones that are left,
Are barely holding on,
Gathers them all and holds them in her arms,
Weeping herself to sleep
Slowly drifting off..
Dreaming of her thorns being gone

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