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Alanis Morissette has had a fascinating music career so far. She started out in the 90’s as a pop princess. She had the big poofy hair, danced all the hip hop dance music and even rapped on one of her songs. Fast forward to a few years later…a few years older and decided to release music that had more of her own expression and emotions. She had a wide range of it on Jagged Little Pill, from sadness and anger to love. With each album she evolves to show us more of who she is, what she feels and extending her heart with us. She is currently on tour with Matchbox twenty starting today . She is set to come out with her new CD Flavors of Enaglement in April 2008 (according to Aceshowbiz.com). I thought I would share with everyone the old Alanis and the newer Alanis. This is the same song just the original was in 1991 and the redone is 2002.

TOO HOT – 1991

TOO HOT – 2002

Hope you like both of them


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