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Wrote this poem tonight and thought I would share it.  Please do not copy it or use it with contacting me for permission.  Thank you.

Here Kitty Kitty

Like a chocolate powder doughnut


Sliding out the door

Like the heat filled chaotic bitch that she was

He ran like a knife that didn’t  want to stab her


It was her heart that drew him in

Eyes like a saucer bowl full of kittens milk

And oh how he meowed for the taste of her bitter sweetness

She was not 100% homogenized

She was more of a cashew and almond milk

A mix

A breed

The cat he needed next to him

But, she was more of an alley cat

That only came when she smelled tuna being thrown out

Then she purred and rubbed and begged

Him trying to catch her

But she jumped on the fence of his life and tore it

Making the wood of his mind chipped

And out the door she went






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I wrote the poem below, I don’t give permission to use this poem without contacting me first.  Hope you enjoy it.

Mary Shanti.

The mirror reveals the soul within

It is hazy water filled

In a dessert miraged heart

It is barren

Where wence it was full throttled cherry blossomed, apple cheeked rosy

The mirror reveals the soul within

Scorched embers

Still can see through the branches to a small piece

Not yet scorned

Tenderly aching but still filled with a sense of wonder

A leaf not torn

A branch unbroken, its leaves fall hoping to dance in the suns warmth

The mirror reveals the soul within

Whose lines tell stories like trees that have grown

There bark is brittled beauty

Born from moments that were swept up like wisps of air

The mirror reveals the soul within

Still standing

Still solemn

Still here.

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Cherry Blossom

The following was written in memory of my best friend, the Cherry Blossom of my life. I miss you everyday.


Night and Day

The wind temperamental with turmoil

Misconceived emotion

Was my muse

Guided through days

Silence seeks sanctuary

In the grave of confusion that lies here


A tree masked

By sunlit singing birds

Whose elated tones speak

Only to those who long to hear them

The day comes

With its willowed raindrops



At the strains of my lingering

Lost memories


Momentary scars of what was sunshine

Escapes my once laminate heart

Which I bundled in a pile

Like the stacks of wood for the fires burning


Cherry blossoms

Once bloomed here

Pink innocent petals


Into ashes

That were a lake

Now just an allegory of this seemingly

Barren soul

Echo’s of what was




Unseen Eyes

Haunt the vision

That is blurred by the raindrops

Tiny silver smatterings

Falling slowly down the window pain

Aching to come in

Shut out from the glass that could break so easily


Madness meanders

Even when a howl has been hindered

Deafening ears

Plundered into deep darkness


Longing to understand

The whys and wherefores

Of the edged blade that sunk in through the moonlight

And tore open my sleepless heart


It once was here

It stood in the doorway

Asking me to come

With it bludgeoned edges

And promises of losing the pain

I turned down the invitation


She was the cherry blossom

That bloomed even in the night fall

Weak to its prey

She laid her head in its lap

And asked the shadow in the doorway

Took her tormented petals away


Leaving me with only fragments

Of a time that once was

-Mary Shanti


I don’t give permission for the poem to be copied or used without contacting me first.  Thank you.

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