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Why do I present answers when the question hasn’t even been finished being asked?

Why do we presume to know what he said, she said

When we never heard it from them

Outside there is rain falling

Inside I am surrendering

Or at least trying to do my best

To believe that your thoughts

Are forming into your heart

To remember the love

The patience

The peace exuded in our holding of hands

I breath, the doubt out

Only hoping that I will breath in your yes

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6 years ago the world was in shock over the attacks. 9/11 will forever for me be known as the day I lost my cousin…Beth Logler. She was one of those people that had an amazing energy about her and a light shone all around her. I found this article on newsday.com and it is a perfect description of who she was. You will never be forgotten. You are in our hearts, mind and soul.

Beth Logler

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