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Bored on a Monday?  Going to the web and checking all the usual stuff, Email, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter but wondering what else might be out there?  More, I need more, give me more.  This was my plight and I found this side that helped me out a little, maybe not a complete earth shaker but took up some time and I found some great places to go to have some fun and be entertained (isn’t that one of the biggest reasons for the web?)  This is the link, hope you enjoy.



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fellowes-paper-shredder1.jpgAbout 2 weeks ago I was searching to buy a shredder and I came across this unbelievable story…made me realize that it is worth the money to have a shredder. Also a great tip: when shredding, don’t throw out all your shredding at one time, split it up into 2 bags and put one in the trash one day and then a few days later put the other one in the trash, also a great way to make it really really difficult to piece together items is once your papers are shredded and you are about to throw out, take a spray bottle with water and spray away…turns the paper to mush.

Here is the link to the article…very informative.


Main Article Link:


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Recently while online and trying to track a person whom I sold a car to over a year ago…(long story), I found this site and couldn’t believe you can look up a person’s driver’s license….check it out… http://www.license.shorturl.com/

 Hope you like it.

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